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reel_glee's Journal

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A Glee Movie Challenge Community
Ever want to see Puck and Finn crash weddings or see the Glee club stealing from casinos instead of singing in competitions? Or maybe you want to read a story about them working at a record store, run by the cool Mr. Schuester, and it's in danger of being shut down by the evil owner Sue Sylvester.

Maybe you've imagined what it'd be like if Artie's wheelchair was really a robot in disguise, pictured a battle between Borg Queen Sue Sylvester and Captain William Schuester, or even just hoped that Santana and Brittany could eventually find White Castle.

We're challenging you to do just that. All you have to do is pick a movie from our list (or let us know what movie you'd like to do if it isn't on that list) and use it as inspiration to create Glee related art or fanfiction by the deadline. You can base it directly on the movie or extrapolate however you wish. Sign ups are on Friday, July 30, 2010!

Rules and Community Guidelines:

1. Prompts will be first come, first serve. Participants will have two weeks to select their movie prompt before the signups close. We ask that participants sign up for no more than two prompts unless they are certain they can finish everything by the deadline.

Additionally, if there is a movie you want to do that is not on the prompt list, simply comment on the sign up post and we'll add it. Or, if you don't think you can complete your prompt, let a mod know and we'll put the prompt back on the market.

2. One artist/author per prompt. Both an author and an artist may share the same prompt, but no two writers/artists may do so. Co-writing is allowed. If the writer and artist want to work together on their shared prompt, that is acceptable but not required.

3. Each story/artwork must draw from the Glee universe. Sorry, but no crossovers or RPF for this challenge. Original characters from the movie may be used, but the focus must be on the Glee characters.

4. Every story should be at least 1000 words long. There is no maximum word count. We also ask that every story should be betaed before posting. If you don't have a beta, sign up at the beta post or let a mod know. We'll do everything we can (including betaing it ourselves) to help you out. If you would like to beta, you can sign up at the beta post as well.

Additionally, the stories/art must be completed before being posted and should not be posted until after the deadline.

We request that this template be used when posting.

5. All genres, all ratings and all pairings (or none at all, if you'd prefer to write or create art for gen) are welcome and encouraged. You can fit the story/art into the existing Glee canon or go completely AU. The interpretation of the movie prompt is completely up to you!

6. Have fun and play nice! ♥

We've set up reel_glee_aid for participants. Please use this community as a support system with any issues you may be having with your prompt(s). Additionally, you can contact the mods at reelglee@gmail.com, at this post or by PM. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, too.

Affiliated with: gleefinders

This comm was inspired by reel_merlin, reel_spn, and reel_sga. Check them out!